I need to stop joking about vaccines

The COVID vaccine is out and I will get it as soon as it is offered to me. I believe in science and I trust our scientific institutions more than I believe or trust any other large institutions.

I also make jokes about vaccines like: “I will get it but I don’t want to be first.” or “I am glad the guinea pigs are getting it first.” Saying things like that may be 100% a joke to you but to anyone listening it may cause doubt about the safety of a vaccine. This hurts us all because if we don’t all get the vaccine then it does not work.

With up to 40% of frontline workers in LA county refusing Covid-19 inoculation experts warn that understanding and persuasion are needed

The Guardian – Not all healthworkers are getting the COVID Vaccine

That doesn’t sound good. One of the quotes in the article is from a critical care nurse in Alaska: “But for this one, why do I have to be a guinea pig?” 😬

So I am no longer making jokes about any vaccine. I trust that if the CDC tells me to take a certain vaccine then it is good to go. I understand enough about the process of making and approving a vaccine to know that if something is wrong, it is caught well before public administration. I also understand that if I personally have a concern or question about a vaccine then I should turn to someone qualified to give me factual information so that I can then make an informed decision. Getting information from some website or person on social/media does not qualify as informed, that is entertainment only.

COVID is a serious infectious disease killing way too many people. We have to get vaccinated to stop it. Vaccines are not funny or cool. They are just what we get so that we can have a modern society.

If you have any doubts or questions please leave a comment or better yet, visit these sites to learn more:

If you do not trust the CDC or the UN for information then I do not know what to tell you. Good luck building your bunker? 🤷‍♂️


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