Cruisin on Colonial Parkway to Yorktown

One of the many cool things about being in Williamsburg Virginia is that there is a lot of US history in a really small area. Yesterday we rode to Jamestown: the first permanent English settlement in the Americas. For better or worse…

Today we rode the same distance but visited Yorktown: the place where the English surrendered and the we won our war for independence. Kinda crazy to think about what went down in a few fields that I rode through on a beautiful sunny day.

The US National Park Service created and manages the Colonial Parkway:

Colonial Parkway is a 23-mile (37 km) scenic parkway linking the three points of Virginia’s Historic Triangle, Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown.

Wikipedia – Colonial Parkway

Yesterday we took a right out of the driveway and went to Jamestown. Today we took a left and went to Yorktown on the Colonial Parkway. 2 days, 2 bike rides, just over 35 miles each, and 99% of drivers were cool and the gang.

Just some scenery on the way to victory town USA.

It was warmer today which was nice. Still pretty bundled up with layers though. Its January in Virginia: as Bill Grass would say: “Well then Roger, I guess its time to take a spoonful of concrete and harden the fuck up. 😎”

Its genetic.

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