Sunny ride to Jamestown

The cold continues so my weekday rides remain at zero. Today we rode to Jamestown, VA which is the first permanent English settlement in the Americas. Its about a 15 mile ride from Bill’s house and is a great place to ride or run.

Today Jamestown is part of the Colonial National Historical Park and has a number of museums and visitor centers. The best part of the park though is Jamestown Island. The Island is uninhabited by people, but there is a lot of wildlife, including a lot of bald eagles. There is a road that circles the island in a one way route. So its a drive through a nature preserve.

The state of Virginia was pretty quick to respond to the COVID pandemic, for a state in the USA. Jamestown decided early on to close the island to cars so that people could walk, run, and cycle without fear of being run over. It was part of the governments attempt to encourage people to get outside and exercise safely. That made the ride even nicer.

The weather was chilly but with the sun out it was perfect. Tomorrow we ride to Yorktown.


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