Pandemic Banana Split

2020 was a wild year. New job, global pandemic, house planning, cabin finishing, and cold weather riding. To cope we have stayed on top of exercising and eating well. We have found hobbies in woodworking and sourdough bread making, respectively. Even with all of that the year got pretty intense. We needed something at the end of the day that could give us closure and peace of mind. We got banana splits.

The keyboard warriors are cracking their knuckles in preparation of telling me that this is not a banana split. The argument is that I have not split the banana in half and then added the correct ingredients. They aren’t wrong, but here is the thing: its goddamn delicious and makes me and my wife happy.

My technique started off crude, then became too involved, and is now at a state of happy equilibrium. I mash the banana in the bowl with a spoon. Add ice cream. Add pretzels. The pretzels should at least circumscribe the bowl, creating a safety fence of sorts. If a cookie is available toss one in.

We have consistently had these pretty much every night since the election. I wonder if there is a connection?

If I were still drinking beer this would not be tenable. The good thing is I am not missing the beer, and very much enjoy making and eating our evening banana splits.

That was a wild year and there were a lot of coping mechanisms to fall back on. So far the banana split looks like a good option.


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