One Fifth : 20/100

Today marks the 20th day of the 100 days of blogging challenge. We are 1/5th of the way through the challenge and I am happy to have made it this far. My past attempts at something like this have been for 30 days and I don’t know that I made it past 10 days in those. I also feel like I am writing a little better, maybe. πŸ˜ƒ

When I proposed the challenge my thinking was that this would be something good to distract us from the Pandemic. My goal is to write about something positive happening in my world each day. Since I am in the middle of a training program I always have the fallback of talking about my daily workout, which seems to qualify as a positive thing by default.

I am also trying to push beyond just talking about my workouts. Getting into different aspects of my day without dwelling on the negatives. There isn’t a coherent strategy to any of this, its just my life. By focusing on positive things I sense that it helps me keep a better attitude about the larger situation we are all in.

Some days I worry that I am not writing about something interesting for others to read. Usually my wife sees this and reminds me that the point of the challenge isn’t to become a professional blogger. The point is to post something positive everyday for 100 days. If others happen to find something interesting there then great. Otherwise I am at least meeting the challenge.

Showing up is 80 percent of life

Woody Allen

Will writing these 100 blog posts increase my fame and fortune? Probably not directly but who knows what will happen. Simply showing up at the keyboard that I already spend a minimum of 8 hours on a day, and writing about anything has to accrue some meaning. Maybe its inspiring someone else to do the same? Since I work remotely this may help me connect with coworkers, and lead to better communication during work? At the very least I am practicing my writing.

Workout Details

Today is a strength training day and I did the recommended routine. I was feeling really tired last night and still a bit this morning. I did the workout but a little slower and chose to listen to an audio-book rather than loud fast music.

Overall I felt pretty good about the workout but am paying attention to how tired I have been feeling. I don’t think I am at risk of over-training but it is something to be aware of.

Happy humpday!


2 responses to “One Fifth : 20/100”

  1. I enjoy your posts. I would be lying if I said I’d read all of them, but I have read most — and I’d have commented on a lot more if comments had been open all along πŸ™‚

    I had a post a few days ago where I just brainstormed ideas and came up with 37. That’s been a huge help this week. I can still fallback to a workout log type post, but if I have the time, I now how what are effectively 37 (well, 33 now) writing prompts to work from. So that’s an idea if you’re interested. Maybe a post one day could simply be a brainstorming session.

    I’m super pumped about having blogged 20 days in a row. That’s definitely the longest writing streak I’ve ever been on in a non-professional capacity. Your persistence, along with Shelby, Brian, and the others, has been a big part of why I’m still at it 20 days in.

    1. Cheers Jon! It’s been fun having the routine of the post and I have some ideas kicking around. Usually they come up in the middle of a ride and I forget them by the time I’m home. 😬

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