More drywall : 31/100

Definitely got the shoulders today.

We put in another day hanging drywall today. We finished most of the walls and the bathroom ceiling. Pro tip: start drywall with the ceiling first.

It rained last night and this morning so we were delayed an hour getting started. After another cup of coffee we started measuring layout and cutting the boards to fit.

Workout detail:

Spent another day hanging drywall. Walked most of fence-line trail with Kate after dinner. Tired today. Good tired though.


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  1. That featured image. What a shot. Hanging drywall is bad, but not as bad as the mudding/sanding/mudding/sanding dance. I’ve finished drywall a few times and I’ve never been happy with the result because I just don’t have the patience for mudding and sanding.

    1. Thanks about the photo. We had some cool weather going on this weekend.

      We should start mid today. Fortunately I have to goto work. 😂

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