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  • Review of: Our remote work future is going to suck

    In reality, remote work makes you vulnerable to outsourcing, reduces your job to a metric, creates frustrating change-averse bureaucracies, and stifles your career growth. Our remote work future is going to suck I have only worked for about 30 years at this point but each of those points has always been applicable. Since I have […]

  • Is Slack the problem?

    Interesting article about how some CEO’s are starting to dislike the openness of Slack in their company communication. I understand where they are coming from, somewhat. You don’t want a few people flooding company channels with divisive or unproductive conversations. I have seen this happen in real time with no one countering it. Complaining in […]

  • Work From Home: Tech Companies Cut Pay of Workers Moving Out of Big Cities – Bloomberg

    Nice coverage of how work from home WFH is changing pay and diversity. White-collar workers are taking advantage of a newfound flexibility to leave expensive coastal cities, even as companies move to “localize” their pay. — Read on www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2020-12-17/work-from-home-tech-companies-cut-pay-of-workers-moving-out-of-big-cities

  • More drywall : 31/100

    More drywall : 31/100

    We put in another day hanging drywall today. We finished most of the walls and the bathroom ceiling. Pro tip: start drywall with the ceiling first. It rained last night and this morning so we were delayed an hour getting started. After another cup of coffee we started measuring layout and cutting the boards to […]