Chilly Tuesday | 5/100

It got down to 36F last night so we brought the plants inside to prevent a freeze on them. We should have done the same with the water hose. Not a fun thing to wake up to. Nothing burst but there was no running water to start the morning with. Rather than sulk I hopped on the bike and got my workout done.


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Workout detail:

Pretty simple workout today. Ride for 1 hour at the level 2 effort. I did an out and back up to my new favorite road to ride on: Road 40. There are a few things I enjoy about riding on Road 40:

  1. The traffic is really mellow
  2. The scenery is wonderful
  3. The climb is mellow enough to maintain a Level 2 effort

The biggest challenge this morning was the temperature. It was cold. I ended up wearing gloves and a jacket. Still my finger tips were freezing.

Quick one for today. Work has been pretty busy and I have a lot of chores now that we are back on the land. See you tomorrow.


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