Windy day : 37/100

Woke up at 2am to the trailer shaking and the wind howling. The forecast for the day was that it would be windy but I didn’t expect it to show up at 2am. Not only did it keep me awake but Dazey does not do well with storms either. She was in the bed with us all night.

The forecast was pretty accurate for the rest of the day. We has some rain with hail and lots of wind gusts. Its just relentless wind and the direction shifts regularly. On my drive to Home Depot about 40 minutes away I got blown around a bit. At one point there was about a mile of road with an inch or two of hail. I must have missed that part of the storm by minutes.

One nice thing about windy days is that the temperatures tend to stay low. This was the case today and I appreciated it while working on the eastern end of the fence-line trail. The trail now connects from the western end to the eastern with the road as the return route. In total its about a 0.8 mile loop.

The next step will be getting the northern end done so the full loop is on trail.

Workout detail

I spent 2 hours working on the trail. My elbow is feeling a little sore. Iced it a few times this evening. Now for bed.


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