Easy Sunday ride : 38/100



Last weekend we hung drywall all weekend, which means we didn’t get a long weekend ride in. The long weekend ride is particular because there are almost no time constraints on the ride. You can take your time, go further, or spend some time having a coffee.

Today was also a pretty windy day and was still coming from the southeast. Our initial plan had been to ride northwest to Dolores but that would mean there would be a headwind on the return. So we changed plans and rode southeast towards Mancos and then south of town through some of the farming roads.

We fought the wind all the way out and then got a nice push back to Mancos. We stopped at the local bakery for some coffee and baked goods. I also had taken 2 apples with me from home to snack on during the ride. I find that 1 apple per hour is good for 2 hours or riding. More than that and I add peanuts and dates to the additional apples.

There isn’t much better for clearing your head than going for a nice bike ride. When the wind is howling makes it better cause you have no time for day dreaming. Its about pushing your legs and getting over the hill.

Workout detail

Went for a bike ride with Kate and Bill.


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