Start with a note : 64/100

As I am writing blog posts I get new ideas. A lot of the time I let the ideas go without making a note. Sometimes I let the idea sidetrack me from the original post. There is a 3rd option that I am starting to use: make a new post and add some thoughts on the idea. This post started as one while I wrote post 63 and 64.

This is helpful in a few ways:

  1. I capture an idea to think about later.
  2. I have multiple posts ready as drafts that I can jump into anytime.
  3. When its late and I need to get something up I have an ace in the hole! 🤠

Tonight is a #3 type of night. I picked my bike up from the welder and it is looking good. He took all of the old weld off and cleaned up the tubes. Then he welded them back together. Titanium is a tricky metal to weld so I was very happy with the work he did.

Nice weld, dirty cassette!

After that I returned some items to Home Depot and picked up a battery powered string trimmer, using curb side pickup to minimize being in the store. Then I swung by Tractor Supply to grab some fencing for our new apple trees.

Once I got home I broke out the new string trimmer and immediately needed to charge the battery. It didn’t take long and I was cleaning up the edges of the yard. The battery lasts about 30 minutes of full use which I am very happy with. Once it is empty I plug it into the charger which is charged by our solar system. So I am mowing the yard with the power of the sun, which is kinda cool.

I then took the trimmer to the fenceline trail and it did really well. I have been trying not to remove the roots of grasses from the tail area. Doing so makes the trail become moon dust which isn’t what I want at all. Leaving the grass roots makes the trail hold together. It also means the grass will grow back but that was gonna happen anyway. Besides now I have a battery powered string trimmmer!

I finished the fenceline trail pretty quickly. The north side is mostly grasses and was a bit easier than all of the bushes on the south side. I haven’t had a chance to ride it because it was getting late and I needed to plant the apple trees.

We picked up a Honey Crisp and a Machintosh at the local nursery yesterday. We also got a pretty good introduction to raising apple trees. The first lesson is that you need to plant them in the evening. This gives them an night to adjust to the new location before the sun rises and bakes them.

I got them planted just before dinner but still needed to put up 6 foot fencing around them. The fencing keeps the deer from eating the leaves and killing the tree. Fencing is a process that I do not necessarily enjoy. It is hard on the back and hands, but when its done well it feels good. I got the fencing done at 10pm and realized I needed to write a blog post.

Workout Detail

I am on vacation so there will be no ‘workouts’. However I spent the entire day working in the sun and have the farmers tan to prove it. The nice thing is there are water spigots spread out on the land. So I was able to refill my water bottle a lot.


4 responses to “Start with a note : 64/100”

  1. That fence line trail always makes me wish I was riding it. And it always makes me imagine coming off the bike and into the barbed wire. 🙂 I think the note idea is a great idea. I should probably do the same. The weld on the bike looks great! That guy knows what he’s doing.

    1. Ha! Kate made a few mentions about the barbed wire early on so I tried to pull the trail back into the land as much as possible. Overall the trail is very mellow and can be ridden by pretty much anybody. The gap jumps come later.😂

  2. So this sounds like a regional thing, here in Michigan we call them Weed Wackers and not string trimmers unless this is an entirely different tool than I am imagining

    1. Yeah we call em weed eaters/wacker too but apparently that’s a trademarked name. The industry name is string trimmer apparently. Either way they kick ass!

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