Shovelin the north side

For a variety of reasons we ended up with a north facing garage door on the house. Since we live in the northern hemisphere this means there is very little direct sunlight on the north ends of anything. This wouldn’t matter except that our area gets a decent amount of snowfall in the winter.

Since there is no direct sunlight the snow piles up and up. If you are not vigilant about removing the snow it can pile up and block the driveway. It can pile up so much that it can damage the door which would suck.

So the first thing I do whenever we have snowfall is shovel and clear out the concrete apron in front of the door. There is a lot of other snow removal that I have to do, but I always put this first so that it gets done. Once I complete the rest of the snow management, if it has been snowing, I will clear the apron again.

The grind continues, but the views are great.


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