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  • Eleven


    Yesterday was the eleventh anniversary of our wedding on 3/11/11. Last year we went on a week long bike ride through southeastern Arizona. This year we took a long weekend and are gonna get four days of skiing and snowboarding in at Crested Butte ski resort. Neither of us have visited Crested Butte in the […]

  • Snow Managment

    Snow Managment

    When it starts snowing in our area of Colorado you need to be ready with some type of plan. If you want to be able to use your driveway or porch you need to figure out when and where you are going to start moving snow. This isn’t like mowing the lawn where if you […]

  • Snowtastic fun in the sun

    Snowtastic fun in the sun

    I like getting outside and being active. Movement makes me smile and laugh and helps me forget about everything I don’t need to be worrying about. With the recent snowstorms we have been getting it has been difficult to get outside and have fun. For over a year now I have been looking for cross […]

  • Shovelin the north side

    Shovelin the north side

    For a variety of reasons we ended up with a north facing garage door on the house. Since we live in the northern hemisphere this means there is very little direct sunlight on the north ends of anything. This wouldn’t matter except that our area gets a decent amount of snowfall in the winter. Since […]

  • Winter is here!

    Winter is here!

    I wanted to get a sunrise shot this morning with my drone. The operating temperature for my drone is 32F and it was 0F this morning. I figured I should get at least a few minutes of operating time if I take the drone from the warm house outside and move quickly. I was wrong. […]