Dump the tanks

Sales is an art. There are a multitude of considerations to make when trying to sell something. Presentation, marketing, approach, attitude, persuasion, and the list goes on and on.

Kate and I have started looking for a small camping trailer. We like camping in trailers for a number of reasons: you are up off of the ground, its warmer, there is a refrigerator, and most importantly there is a bathroom and shower.

Since we don’t need to live and work in this one we are aiming for something smaller. Yesterday kate found one that fit the bill but we needed to drive 3.5 hours each way to see it.

The ad on Facebook marketplace was good, for Facebook marketplace. Meaning it had decent photos and a couple of sentences describing the rig. Kate reached out and got some more details and setup a meeting for today after 1pm.

We arrived and went through our extensive list of items to check to ensure the trailer was in good condition. Shortly into the review the seller mentioned that the black tank was full. This caught me a bit off guard but I tried to let it roll and kept reviewing the rest of the trailer.

When we got to the grey and black tank drain valves I noticed an icicle hanging from the main drain spout. I mentioned that and water in the grey and black tank was pretty much solid ice at this point. The outdoor temperature was about 28F at 2pm.

Freezing any tanks in a trailer is pretty much disaster. The odds that the cheap plastic used in most trailer or RV construction will crack in a freeze are pretty close to a sure thing. Kate and I had this realization as we explained it to the seller.

He was young and this was his first trailer. He forgot the first lesson when selling a trailer: dump the tanks.


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