Clear it out

Piggybacking off of yesterday’s post about dumping the tanks when selling a trailer; I wanted to also mention that the trailer was full of the sellers stuff. As soon as we entered the trailer we saw that he still had bedding on the bed, toys were in a few places and the closet had his hunting jacket in it.

It got even better when we checked the garage and saw a canopy, a few odds and ends, and then a blue boy. For the non-initiated a blue boy is a plastic tank on wheels that you use to transfer black water without moving the trailer. Its one of those items that you should not really put in your trailer, even the garage.

I estimate that if we had proceeded to purchase the trailer it would have easily taken an hour to clear it out. Then we still had a 3.5 hour drive home which would take more like 4.5 with dinner, and since I would be towing and therefore driving much slower.

I understand that we are in a sellers market for used vehicles at the moment, but come on. If you are selling a trailer, after you dump the tanks, go ahead and clear it out.


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