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  • Day 5 : Hold onto yer butts

    Day 5 : Hold onto yer butts

    Bittersweet morning today. It was the last day of the ride which is exciting as we will be done riding soon. Which will be nice on our butts. On the other hand it means we will be done riding our bikes. Which means we have to go back to our normal lives. It was chilly […]

  • Day 4 : Hi, my name is wind

    Day 4 : Hi, my name is wind

    Today was the second shortest ride of the tour. 38 miles on highway 82 from Tombstone to Sonorita. The thinking was this might be a pretty nice day to ride with less elevation gain than either of the first two days. Then the wind forecasts started showing 30mph gusts for Tuesday then Wednesday and finally […]

  • Day3 : OK in Tombstone

    Day3 : OK in Tombstone

    Today marks the third and shortest riding day of the tour. Bisbee to Tombstone is just 24 miles. Sure there’s a hell of a climb out of Bisbee and another insane climb five miles from Tombstone but otherwise we got a massive descent. Initially we were thinking of taking the morning to chill in Bisbee […]

  • Day 2: we arrive to Bisbee

    Day 2: we arrive to Bisbee

    Today we rode to the namesake of the tour de Bisbee via Sierra Vista and a quick stop at a local bike shop. The weather started off lovely with sun and a nice tail wind. The main concern was the final climb to Bisbee. After a quick breakfast of coffee and peanut butter and jelly […]

  • Day 1: aaaaand we’re off!

    Day 1: aaaaand we’re off!

    Here we go! It’s the first day of the Tour de Bisbee. Today we rode 55 miles from central Tucson southeast to Sonoita. We climbed over three thousand vertical feet and completed the ride in 7 hours with 5.5 hours in the saddle. We rolled out of Tucson about 10am and rode down Broadway to […]

  • Prologue: Dry Run Tucson

    Prologue: Dry Run Tucson

    We drove from Mancos to Tucson yesterday on a route that was new to me. Usually we drive through flagstaff and Phoenix on the way to Tucson. This time google recommended that we stay further East and go through sho lo and globe before hitting Tucson. The route was great. We only had to drive […]

  • Getting excited

    Getting excited

    It’s Thursday night and our week long ride starts in a few days. Tomorrow we work one last day before driving to Tucson Arizona on Saturday. I’m so excited for this trip it’s hard to sit still. The only real concern was my rear tire. It had been leaking air for a while but slowly. […]

  • Tour de Bisbee

    For our 10th wedding anniversary Kate and I knew we would do a bike tour. For our 1st anniversary we rode from Salinas California down the Pacific Coast Highway to Oxnard California. It was a great trip and we did a mixture of tent camping and hotels along the way. We have biked a lot […]