Prologue: Dry Run Tucson

We drove from Mancos to Tucson yesterday on a route that was new to me. Usually we drive through flagstaff and Phoenix on the way to Tucson. This time google recommended that we stay further East and go through sho lo and globe before hitting Tucson.

The route was great. We only had to drive on an interstate for about an hour. Otherwise it was low traffic until Tucson on the 60 and 77. South of sho lo the road goes through a huge canyon for the salt river. That was really cool.

We got a late start out of Mancos afternoon which put us on schedule to arrive after 9pm. Packing the night before might have helped but we made it to Tucson before one of our favorite pizza shops closed. So we were able to pick up the pie and chill at our Airbnb for the next two nights.

Today we wanted to get a bike ride in with Kate’s brother Trip, who lives in Tucson. the goals was to have a nice ride but also to test having everything on the bikes and see if there might be any problems.

Being able to recover from a technical issue of much easier when you can call an Uber and goto a bike shop. Once we got the road we will be pretty remote.

We rode just under 20 miles mainly on a nice bike path that goes through town. The weather is wonderful and warm here so we only wore jerseys and shorts. It was a much nicer setup than our cold weather riding outfits in Colorado.

That said I made sure to stay hydrated and cut the bike riding short as it was going to hit 88F today. No need to wipe ourselves out before the tour even started.

The path was crowded with cyclists and walkers. Everyone out being healthy and enjoying the weather. A few people wore masks and my anxiety was mild about COVID transmission. Still we kept a social distance

Hi from Tucson.

It sounds like outdoor exercise is safe to do but social distancing is still important. As always if you have symptoms of being sick then don’t go outside and exercise. Let alone around other people.

Here is our route on Strava:

Tomorrow we leave for Sonoita about 55 miles southeast of Tucson. It’s gonna be a climb all day but the weather is going to be slightly cooler which will be perfect.


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