Getting excited

It’s Thursday night and our week long ride starts in a few days. Tomorrow we work one last day before driving to Tucson Arizona on Saturday. I’m so excited for this trip it’s hard to sit still.

The only real concern was my rear tire. It had been leaking air for a while but slowly. I would pump it up every few days and it would be fine. Then I tried fixing it and that was catastrophic. The problem is that it’s a tubeless tire so things have to be sealed up just so.

I finally relented and too it to the local bike shop to see if they could repair it. That was on Monday. I took it in just as the shop opened and the owner took a look and noticed a crack around the hole that the nozzle sticks through. I figure it was goner but he mentioned they could tape it and that would probably work.

Fast forward to last night and they called to let me know it was ready for pickup. Naturally we had a mild blizzard this morning so I figured I’d get it tomorrow morning. Then Kate went to see an office space and swung by the shop to grab the tire. Huzzah! All the parts are back together and we are ready to roll!

Enzo zoomies in the snow
Enzo zooming in the morning blizzard

Now it’s all the final check lists to make sure we’ve got all we need. Tools, clothes, charge cables, excitement!


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