Tour de Bisbee

For our 10th wedding anniversary Kate and I knew we would do a bike tour. For our 1st anniversary we rode from Salinas California down the Pacific Coast Highway to Oxnard California. It was a great trip and we did a mixture of tent camping and hotels along the way. We have biked a lot since then and done a few bike tours, but we have not done another bike tour for our anniversary.

Till this year.

A good bike tour involves a bit of planning to make sure it goes without any problems. The route is the first thing to figure out. Since our anniversary is in March we have to think south of Colorado. The temperatures are just too cold to spend 5 days riding and have a fun time. Southern Arizona is a days drive away and there are plenty of route options to consider.

The one we decided on starts in Tucson Arizona and goes to Sonoita, Bisbee, Tombstone, back to Sonoita, and finishes back in Tucson. The roads are decent enough to be enjoyable and the weather will be right in the perfect zone of 70F in the day. Also the longest day will be 55 miles which is about 5 hours of riding time at a comfortable pace.

5 days of riding, 4 nights at AirBnB’s, 226 miles, 8k+ feet of elevation gain, and a 10th wedding anniversary. Sounds like a perfect trip to me. Since we are staying at AirBnB’s we can pack very light. We will take the AeroPress so we can have good coffee each morning without having to leave the comfort of the AirBnB.

Otherwise we will be eating out, take out of course, and grabbing food from markets. The goal will be to not think about much other than riding bikes and being in love with each other.

10 years of fun down, 100+ more to go!


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