Day 4 : Hi, my name is wind

Today was the second shortest ride of the tour. 38 miles on highway 82 from Tombstone to Sonorita. The thinking was this might be a pretty nice day to ride with less elevation gain than either of the first two days. Then the wind forecasts started showing 30mph gusts for Tuesday then Wednesday and finally Thursday. It had blown us from Sonorita to Bisbee and now we needed to pay the piper to get back to Sonoita.

Into the wind

Sure enough we exited Tombstone and the headwind was immediate. So we dug in and duked it out all day. There were times when the wind wasn’t so bad but it wasn’t very often.

Still smiling

There is a point when wind is too strong and you should not be on the road. Basically if you cannot stand still in the wind you probably should not try to ride a bike unless you are Danny Macaskill.

Today’s wind was not that bad but it wasn’t joking around either. We didn’t feel that it was pushing us into traffic and that’s really the important issue to consider.

Rune’s front door

We stopped at a winery called Rune about ten miles from Sonoita. It was a great place to get a nice rest and enjoy the scenery of the area.

Desert patio

We knew the wind was only getting worse as the day wore on. So we packed up from Rune and pushed the last ten miles into town. We stopped at the market for a few things including double stuff Oreos. What a day.

Here’s the ride on Strava.

Tomorrow we wrap up the Tour with a long downhill back to Tucson. It’s been a fun trip and while I’ve been complaining about how difficult it’s been we’ve enjoyed ourselves a lot.


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