Day 5 : Hold onto yer butts

Bittersweet morning today. It was the last day of the ride which is exciting as we will be done riding soon. Which will be nice on our butts. On the other hand it means we will be done riding our bikes. Which means we have to go back to our normal lives.

All the gear on

It was chilly this morning in the 40’sF with the breeze still coming from the southwest. The good news is that we were going to get to wear all of the warm cycling clothing we had been carrying.

Today’s ride from Sonoita to Tucson was highlighted by a massive amount of downhill which we had paid for on Monday when we climbed up to Sonoita. After riding about an hour out of Sonoita we were at the top of the hill which concluded about 40 miles later in Tucson.

Go fast!

Descending on a two lane road is fun and terrifying. We were lucky to have had very polite automobile traffic the entire tour and that continued today. Still when you are riding at 40mph dealing with traffic is never ideal. We flew down the hills with no issue and the shot eating grins on our faces were very difficult to remove.

The rest of our ride into Tucson was also uneventful except for our butts falling off. We definitely could have done some longer training rides but here we are riding for five days straight in March. Not a bad way to start off the cycling year.

Tucson ahead

Here’s the results on Strava:

I’m gonna out some final thoughts together tomorrow or the next day but overall this tour was a success. We had no injuries, except for our tender bums, no major mechanical issues like a flat tire, and we are still married!


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