Apple Trees : 70/100

We planted 2 apple trees last week. Kate wanted apple trees so we went to the nursery and picked a Honey Crisp and a McIntosh. Apparently you want to pick 2 different varieties of apple trees that pollinate at the same time. Then they cross pollinate and produce their fruit.

Neither Kate nor I are gardeners. I spent a summer a few years ago working on a vegetable farm and mainly learned that I don’t want to be a farmer. However, it is nice to plant something and help it grow.

Naturally one of the trees is already showing some orange spots on the leaves. This can be indicative of cedar rust, or possibly just stress from the transplanting process. I am going to talk with the nursery about that tomorrow.

Cedar Rust?

We have deer in the area so that is why each tree is wrapped in a 6 foot tall circle of fencing. Those deer aren’t gonna get my apple trees!

Now I need to figure out a drip system for them and keep them alive!

Workout Details

Rode with Kate, her dad, and sister to the town of Dolores about 12 miles away this morning before work. It was a beautiful day for a ride and we saw a lot of wildlife. Including a baby deer that couldn’t jump over the fence that its mother could. So the mom came back and they figured out a way to get around the fence.


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  1. Caroline Acklam Avatar
    Caroline Acklam

    Mmmmmmm, apples!

    1. Maybe next year…

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