Woodworking : 76/100

I am not a woodworker in the sense that I have ever built much worth keeping around. I have done construction work over the years and am not the most worthless person to have around. However I don’t have a great grasp of the fundamentals and therefore lack confidence. The last proper instruction I had was 7th grade shop class and I built a nice holder for my Super NES and a few games.

Since we have been on the land I have picked up tools for various jobs. Now I have a circular saw, impact driver, drill, jig saw, and a variety of hand tools. So far this has all been used for getting the structures up. Now its time to build furniture to use inside and outside the structures.

Kate’s dad, Bill, is an expert carpenter and general excellent craftsman. While he was visiting us he helped with a ton of projects and got me interested in doing more woodworking. Now I am looking for good places to start with relatively basic projects. This should help me gain some confidence and understanding of fundamentals. Plus I will get some furniture out of the deal!

To start with I want an outdoor bench to place somewhere on my trails. I like the look of this Field Bench. It is pretty straight forward but looks like a nice place to sit and watch the sunset. One tool that these plans use and that I am seeing all over various woodworking Youtube channels is a Kreg pocket hole jig. They allow you to create pocket holes which look great and are apparently a better way to build furniture.

I am going to do this project this weekend and report back on how it went.


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