White Cows and Walnut Stain : 91/100

I am having a few days of vacation this weekend and figured the best way to start things off would be to spend the day doing manual labor. We are getting the trim finished on our cabin and have hired a friend who is a carpenter to handle things. I have worked with Doug on a number of construction projects and had helped him trim place.

One thing I wanted with the trim was a nice natural wood look. Doug’s suggestion is that in the dry conditions of Colorado you are fine with just oiling indoor wood. I like the idea cause oil is usually easier than varnish.

One gripe about using oil on pine is that it makes the wood look yellow. To counter that issue we added some Walnut stain to the second application of linseed oil. The walnut stain was kept pretty light and gives the wood a sepia/antique look. It also brings out a lot of the character of the wood.

Most importantly Kate is happy with how it is coming out. We should have things wrapped up on Monday, I and my mid back hope. While staining wood is a bit more enjoyable than pulling weeds it is still pretty tedious work. Its gonna be really nice when we are done.

Workout Details

Today’s ride was a 3 sets of 6 minutes at Level 4 effort. Level 4 is a sprint but not an all our sprint which is Level 5. I did 20 minutes of warm up on the highway and then used my fenceline trail for the intervals. One lap around takes me a little over 5 minutes so I rounded the intervals down a bit. It was a great way to do intervals. The trail has enough challenging sections both physically and technically to keep you focused on not hitting the fence.


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