Vacation : 61/100

Tonight marks the start of a week long vacation. It’s going to be a staycation but we have some family visiting. Not a lot planned other than no work for a week. While I enjoy my job a lot it is nice to take a break every so often.

Tomorrow my plan is to get up early and head into the mountains for some trail work. I mentioned a few times that the Mancos trail group has changed things up this year for COVID. Instead of meeting in a group and working one section of trail a week they have gone with a trail adoption plan this year. The trail is the Mancos spur and has been divided up into 14 segments. I got segment 12 which is pretty remote. I will drive just over 20 miles to the trailhead then hike about 1.5 miles to my section. All of which will be above treeline. I will be sure to take photos and make it tomorrows post.

I dropped my bike off with Eric, the owner of Myth cycles, yesterday to get the cracked weld repaired. He seemed pretty optimistic about having it fixed by Friday which would be nice. I am also really interested in having him build me a custom bike, but I need to save my money after the solar system for the cabin.

Overall I am looking forward to spending some time on trails in the mountains and on our land. It will also be nice to spend time with family and catch up on life.


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