Transfer Domains to Cloudflare

Just do it already!

I have been waiting to do this for some strange reason. Cloudflare does not appear to let you register new domains yet, but you can transfer most existing domain names to them. At $7 and change per domain per year they are by far the cheapest solution. Also their User Interface is the best in the world.

You will need to change the Nameservers on your domains to use Cloudflare’s (CF) before you can transfer the domain registration to them. This process is really easy. Login to your CF account and click on Add Site. It will then look for existing DNS records and help you import them to CF. Then update the Nameservers at your current domain registrar.

Once you have updated your Nameservers to us CF you can go to the Domain Transfer section of CF and your domains will appear. You can then select which ones to transfer and pay to get it done. You will want to make sure the domain is unlocked at the existing registrar. You also want to cancel and remove any Privacy feature at the existing registrar.

Then CF will ask for an authorization code from the existing registrar. You can either get this on the existing registrar’s website or they should have emailed it to you too. Once you add that the transfer is started. It can take 5 to 7 days or you should be able to speed it up by logging into the existing registrar and tell them to do it now.


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