Loosing your cool

I recently talked about “Yes, and…” and how it is useful for staying positive and progressing the conversation. What about when the opposite happens and you lose your cool? What can you do to recompose yourself and get back on track?

This morning I had a failure to stay cool moment and am a little embarased about it. Yesterday I contacted Apple Support to cancel the iCloud storage assigned to my Apple ID. Since we have signed up for Apple One that storage is included.

I got a little suspect when the support tech on the phone needed to go check with their superior on how to do this. My head filled with visions of years of photos and documents being lost. Sure enough this morning my phone gave me the warning that I was out of iCloud storage and my settings showed 5GB available.

I was immediately pissed off and angered. I contacted chat support and probably came across as a giant asshole. While they were researching things I opened up my wife’s iPhone to see what the storage settings said there. She is the organizer for the family and signed up for Apple One.

Sure enough under her storage settings was an option to share storage. I clicked on that and almost immediately the 2TB of storage appeared on my phone’s settings. Relieved I let the Apple support person know what had happened. I also apologized to them for my assholiness.

So we hit reset on the keeping our cool counter and will try better again tomorrow.


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  1. Oh man. I hear you on this one. A couple of months back I was trying to find parking in Savannah and found an empty lot with one of those “pay by app” systems. The damn app kept showing the lot was full when it was quite literally empty. I finally called support and the support person told me “ah yes, I can see that the lot is full.” Dude. I am literally the only car in the damn lot. Something is wrong. “I’m sorry sir, our systems indicate that all spots are presently occupied.”

    Given that I had spent 20 minutes looking for parking already I was… hot. I wasn’t a total jerk (having worked support, can confirm I wasn’t THAT bad), but I also know I certainly expressed my displeasure via sarcasm and rudeness.

    Sure do wish I could get back to that random app support person to apologize for my assholery.

    1. Hahahaha oh boy been there too. I think part of my issue is that having worked in various support roles, I get frustrated that the support person isn’t doing a better job. Which again is being an ass too.

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