Seth’s Bike Hacks : 25/100

One channel I have enjoyed watching for a few years now is Seth’s Bike Hacks. The videos are about riding your bike but are also really well done. While, I am not quite as crazy a rider as Seth is, the entertainment value is very good. He has also been building trails on his land which is something I have started doing as well.

His videos are mainly mountain bike focused and he made some beginner videos a little while ago:

Overall the videos are fun to watch and you can learn a lot too.

Workout details

I have to admit that the 2 rides I did this weekend wiped me out pretty good. I am suppose to do strength training today but think I am just gonna walk the land and enjoy the scenery. Oh and also plan my trail system. 😎

Happy Memorial Day to those in the US. Happy Monday to everyone else!


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