Rest day(s)

The severity of breaking a streak is dependent on what the streak pertains to. If it is a safety streak measuring the last time someone was seriously injured or killed on the job; then it’s a big deal to break that streak. If the streak is related to my Apple Watch’s activity rings, then breaking the streak is much less damaging to my life.

I actually had a post ready to go last Friday but I forgot to finish it up and post it live. My main excuse is that Friday was a pretty busy and hectic day. I started work a couple of hours early so that Kate and I could drive up to Telluride, and goto a small concert that night.

By moving my work start time up a couple of hours I had to move a bit faster getting my workout and morning chores done. Sadly this meant I had to cut my morning soak in the hottub out of the routine. Despite that tragedy I was able to get my shit together and get to work early.

My excuse for not posting on Saturday is that we were having too much damn fun. First of all we stayed at our friends place in Telluride for the night, so it was kinda a vacation. Everyone was moving a little slower so we took our time but eventually got on our cross country skis and got a few miles in.

My excuse for not posting on Sunday is that I am just plain lazy. I wrote most of this post Sunday morning and figured I would post it later in the day. Then I watched a few movies, then we had dinner and started watching a new series, Inventing Anna. By evening I knew I wasn’t going to finish the post, and I felt ok about that.

The good news is I am back on track now and we have less than 24 days left in the 100 days of blogging challenge.


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