Remote Workspace : 82/100

I have worked from home/remotely for about 10 years. During the first 4 years I was in an office in our home. I had a great workspace setup for working. We were in downtown Phoenix so I would go to coffee shops and co-working spaces occasionally.

Then we hit the road 6 years ago and have lived/worked in a 30 foot travel trailer since then. We already were out backpacking or car camping almost every weekend anyway. Now we didn’t have to drive home on Sunday. Home is wherever we park it.

My workspace was severely reduced but I think my productivity went up. At the house I had a 30 inch monitor and a massive desk. It was a sweet setup but it didn’t necessarily help me work better. In the trailer I only had my laptop and quickly found that I am much more productive with only one application on my screen at a time. I learned to use the shortcut keys and my Alfred usage skyrocketed.

My chair is the classic Ikea Poang with foot stool. I can sit in that chair for hours. I get no pain or soreness. In fact I have to remember to stand up every hour or so.

One advantage in the trailer is that everything is very close by. The kitchen is a couple of feet away. The restroom is about 15 feet and the bed is 20 feet away. I can get to everything in need in a few steps.

The pandemic has caused us to re-evaluate driving around the US and Mexico. Right now the best thing we can do is stay put and let things calm down. From what I am seeing this probably means 1 year. During the few months we have been back in Colorado we are also remembering how much we like it here. The house design is progressing and I think we are ready to plant some roots here for a little bit.

We have been working in our cabin for 2 weeks now. Going from a 280 square foot trailer to a 320 sq ft cabin for work has been a fun process. Mostly the process is appreciating how much space we have.

We have both noted how much easier it is to get into work mode. In the trailer the office is mixed with the kitchen, living, and dining room. The cabin is set away from where the trailer is so we have a commute of sorts. At a minimum having the separate space is certainly appreciated. Also when the work day is over we just leave everything in the cabin. Its pretty great.


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