Recommended Routine

Ok Monday lets go!

Its a day off today. Well not from working-out but from working. Since we moved back to Colorado over the weekend it seemed like taking an extra day to settle in is a nice touch. Plus there is a lot of work to do on the land, and family and friends to visit (from a distance).

Workout Details:

We are back to Monday strength day, and for this workout I have decided to go back to an old favorite: The 2017 Reddit Recommended Routine. It is important to note the year as the routine has been updated, but the new format requires additional equipment which I don’t want to deal with. I have done this routine off and on for a number of years. It is a great way to hit the entire body quickly and intelligently for strength gains.

Since I live in an RV full-time, workout equipment is at a premium for space and weight. This means that body-weight exercises are going to be the focus. The only equipment needed is a pull-up bar, rings, a mat (optional if you like being in the dirt or rocks), and box (optional). With that equipment I can cover pull and push exercises. Then I have squats, L-sits, and core exercises to cover the rest.

Today’s workout was good. I have not done it in a few weeks so I kept the reps on the lower end. My pull up still is more of a let down which sounds negative, but only because those are the exercise I am doing in the progression. 🤪

Ok enough for today. Have a great one and see you manana!


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