November cycling

For the last 2 mornings Kate and I have been riding into town and back. We both realized its been about a month since we last rode to town. Life has been busy the last few weeks. No great excuses other than things have been busy and riding got lost in the mix.

The house build is coming along. We were scheduled to be moved in already, but things happen. There are about a million and a half parts to building a house, and getting them all done on time is really hard. The builders have all done great jobs at managing their time, and coordinating with each other. We are hoping to be moved in at the end of the week. Life will go on either way.

Getting up and riding the last two mornings has been a great way to remind ourselves of why we love living here, and a great way to relax and stop thinking about so many details. When I get on my bike I am pretty focused on what is in front of my wheel and as little else as possible. Its a great way to let go of everything and just enjoy the moment.


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