Mike Hall

A few nights ago I got bored with the short form Youtube videos and fired up Amazon to see what they might have for Cycling documentaries. They did not disappoint with Inspired to Ride which tells the story of the inaugural 2014 Trans Am Bike Race.

In the movie Mike Hall is featured as the race favorite who goes on to win by a considerable margin. I was taken back by how soft spoken and friendly he is in the film. Most competitive bike racers tend to have a cockiness about them that makes me not necessarily want to know or meet them. With Hall I was interested in getting to know more about the man.

When I woke up this morning I got my oatmeal and sat down to start googling and learning more about this endurance athlete. Unfortunately I quickly learned that Mike Hall passed away in 2017 after being struck by a car while riding in an endurance race in Australia. I was pretty crushed and watched a few videos put up shortly after the accident.

Turns out Mike was 5 years younger than me and had accomplished quite a lot in his short life. You can learn more about him on his Wikipedia page here.


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