Category: History

  • Review: Chernobyl the miniseries

    I have hesitated watching this series for a few years now. I was 9 years old when the reactor exploded in 1986 and the cold war was at its height. I remember the news reports about radioactive dust clouds potentially covering much of Europe. It was a wild and scary time and I knew the […]

  • Hitting the Road

    Hitting the Road

    On Labor Day 9/1/2014 Kate and I packed up what we needed, and hit the road to be fulltime RVers and digital nomads. It took 3 months for us to plan everything from renting out our home, to finding a trailer and tow vehicle, and figuring out that Kate would resign her job. This was […]

  • Rough Ride

    During the early 2000’s when Lance Armstrong was dominating the Tour de France and making cycling popular I remember my cousin teasing me that he was doping. I was completely and willfully blinded by the comeback story and the amazing feats to riding. Once it came out that he was a cheat I was devastated […]

  • Mike Hall

    A few nights ago I got bored with the short form Youtube videos and fired up Amazon to see what they might have for Cycling documentaries. They did not disappoint with Inspired to Ride which tells the story of the inaugural 2014 Trans Am Bike Race. In the movie Mike Hall is featured as the […]

  • A Sunday in Hell

    Classic documentary of the Paris-Roubaix professional road bike race from 1976 (the year I was born). Pretty sure this is the first time I have watched it. Fun movie considering how old it is. I think they only have 50mm or larger lenses back then, almost claustrophobic to watch at times. Its crazy how many […]