Strength Training Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had fun this weekend. Did you get any bike rides in?

Since its monday that means I am doing strength training. I have to admit that today I was feeling about as excited as Dazey and Enzo are in the featured image for strength training. That is to say, not at all.

In this current training program the strength training is more focused on movement and repetitions over getting buff. So high reps and low sets is the prescription.

There is also a lot of core workouts cause you gotta use your guts on the bike a lot.

Anyway I really wasn’t feeling super energized about today’s workout but the good news is that Audible has Core and Yoga courses included with a subscription for free. I used a few of them to put together about an hour of workout and felt pretty good about it.

See you tomorrow for the 1 hour recovery spin.


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