Making it back

Happy Sunday indeed. We got the trailer back up to Colorado no problem and have already gone for a bike ride. The dogs have run the yard a few times and the sun is setting. Its been a fun few months getting back here but now we are stationary till Fall and maybe longer. Probably longer.

I finished listening to The Great Influenza on the drive and I highly recommend it. Its a historical accounting of the 1918 pandemic from a medical perspective with a focus on the United States. It reads less like history and more like current events. On the plus side: we have been here before. On the not so plus side: we are making the same mistakes again.

Workout Details:

Today was the last day of the recovery week. We did a 2 hour easy ride. This is supposed to be on a flat course but there isn’t much flat in Mancos. I always start heading left out of the driveway for 2 reasons: 1) Start uphill so you finish downhill and 2) Its usually into the wind so you get the wind at your back coming home.


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