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The ‘r’ key on my MacBook Pro is beginning to die. It isn’t quite to the point where the laptop is unusable but it is getting there. I have been considering getting a Linux laptop for a couple of years. My thinking is that 99% of my work is done in a Browser anymore so do I need all the bells and whistles of a Mac? I also don’t play games on my computer and I have stopped doing video editing.

Is it time to get a linux machine? I have been looking around and the System 76 people seem cool. The problem is that I know of no one who has one. I also like the sound of the security focused Purism folks (though I am less excited about their name).

I am also a little concerned about using one with an iPhone. I use AirDrop a lot to send photos to my laptop since the Photos sync is slow. Is there something comparable? I see Snapdrop but will it be around in 5 years? Is it secure?

Do you have a linux laptop? What did you have before? PC or Mac? Have you tried a System 76 machine or their Linux distro PopOS? How about Purism? I would love to not buy a Dell or Lenovo as I may as well stick with Apple if I am going with a conglomerate.


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  1. All I can say is, moving to Linux means you wont have Alfred anymore 😀

    1. Yeah I know. Its probably not gonna happen. The new Apple Silicon is too enticing.

  2. If you are looking for a rolling distribution you could check out Manjaro: which is based on Arch and comes with multiple community spins: and even preinstalled on some nice hardware:

    1. Thanks Cosmin, I will take a look at Manjaro!

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