Failure to Launch

Since the 100 days of blogging challenge ended I have not been posting here daily. I have been writing daily and have 22 Drafts started but not published.

Why am I not publishing them?

Some of them are longer posts that involve me finishing tasks, like painting the bathroom of our cabin. Others are more work/business related and I am worried about saying something dumb or incorrect.

Its strange cause during the challenge I was just focused on publishing and less on quality. Now I am trying to get the quality to be better but at the expense of publishing anything. The internal battle is strong.


2 responses to “Failure to Launch”

  1. That was my issue the whole challenge, I wanted to make better quality posts but was forced more on just putting something out that I was not really happy with. I have a few drafts I have been working on as time allows, heck I never even got around to posting about my birthday earlier this month or buying a house yet haha

    1. The struggle is real. I find that publishing something is better than nothing though.

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