Lazy Sunday Organization

My goals initially today were to clean up the garage and tune up Kate’s bike. After breakfast I was ready to spend the day on the couch watching movies. Fortunately the lack of anything worth watching got me back into action with my initial goals.

The main mission today was to get Kate’s bike working a bit smoother. In order to do that though I needed to get a dedicated workbench setup for bike maintenance. The main goal would also get the second goal accomplished, organizing the garage.

For the workbench itself we have a bench that Kate’s dad had built, out of leftover wood, a couple of years ago. It had been outside of the cabin just collecting junk. After relocating some extra wood from construction I had a good spot setup. I cut up some leftover boards and built a second shelf to store bike specific tools and supplies on.

Once that was done working on Kate’s bike was a breeze. The main part of the tune up was re-waxing the chain. I started waxing our bike chains a while back and it really makes the bikes shift much smoother and quieter. The process is much different than just splashing oil on your chain. Having a dedicated workspace for doing the waxing is invaluable.

Once I had all that done I watched Mission Impossible, the first one. Such a great movie.


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