Late posting : 53/100

I was working on a post about solar charge controllers for the 5th part of the ongoing solar series. As I dug into the subject I realized I need to spend some more time getting the post together. It turns out that electricity is a little complex and I am not an electrician. So that post will be delayed, because it is 10pm and I need to get to sleep.

Workout detail

I got up to build trail this morning but had to run to a friends house for some tools that we need. That pretty much shot the morning for trail building. So after work tonight I went out for a good 90 minute session and made some good progress on the fenceline trail. My hope is that if I get to sleep soon I should be able to get up around 6am and get some good trail work in before work.

If I can maintain that schedule I should have fenceline done this week. That will give us just over a mile of trails and Kate can start running around the land instead of dealing with distracted drivers on the road.


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