Goals for 2022



Here we go! 2022 a new year and new hope! Ok maybe not that dramatic but its a fun mental exercise to think about what I want to accomplish in the next 12 months. I did this last year and managed to meet a lot of them so maybe it will work this year too.

In 2022 I want to exceed my biking mileage of 3,141 miles and go for 4000 miles. Thats an average of 333 miles a month, 77 miles a week, or 19 miles a day. This is a bike increase in mileage and will be a big goal to make.

After returning my new bike, I opted for a rowing machine to keep my aerobic training going during the winter. My goal is to complete a Marathon in 2022. That is 42,194 meters. Besides finishing the distance I hope to complete it in under 4 hours.

With a garage I should be able to get my woodworking hobby into full effect. I just need the price of wood to come down. My goal this year is to complete the Workshop projects from Weekend Woodworker and then get a coffee table and bookcase built for the house.

Professionally I have some really big goals for 2022, but I cannot talk about them just yet.

I want to do some big multiday bikepacking/touring trip but haven’t thought much more about it than that.

I want to blog everyday and the 100 day challenge should give good motivation for starting the year off strong. After that I hope to keep using this as a type of workout but also push further into discussing personal and professional topics. I know if I was more organized about this site it would help encourage people to subscribe. That said, I already have a paying job and that is where most of my daily energy is focused.


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