Get over yourself

Get over yourself and start living your life.

Currently I have 40 posts in draft mode for this site. These are posts that I started writing and then for some reason stopped and did not post. Most of the time I stopped cause I wasn’t sure what someone would think of me for writing it. I second guessed my initial thought that I had something to share with the world. I thought about someone specific reading that post and thinking: “Holy cow that guy is an idiot.”

First of all I have seen my analytics of how many people are reading this site. Let me just say that if you are reading this right now you are in rare company. Also if you are reading this, thanks.

Secondly the purpose of this blog is to share ideas in a non-professional manner. It may be shocking to hear this but I do not get paid to write here. 😂 Instead I am writing here to develop my writing skills and to share ideas and experiences.

So this is me getting over myself.


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  1. I struggle with this as well. I think there are legitimate reasons to choose not to talk about certain topics (i.e. politics and religion), but aside from incendiary topics, opting not to publish over a fear of what others might think is a mistake. Having said that, as I said up top, I struggle with this. Gotta get over myself a little more.

    Sidenote: Twentytwentyone is a real departure from the status quo isn’t it? There’s a lot to like (Dark Mode for example), and in a lot of ways I feel like the default look is a throwback to the internet of 15 years ago which is pretty cool.

    1. Hey Jon, great point on avoiding incendiary topics and totally agree. I think there is a time and place for those discussions and they are primarily not on the internet or web. It is important to discuss those issues but there is so much nuance involved that online is just a terrible place, as our current political situation in the US seems to be proving.

      I think that a blog gives all of us the ability to easily publish anything we want to talk about. The more that we discuss here in a non-threatening and non-dogmatic manner the better opportunity we have to show someone else a new way of thinking. Alternatively we also open ourselves to criticism from others that may help us see how we are either incorrect or misguided on something.

      While I am advocating for ‘getting over onesself’ I am not advocating for blasting out anything we want to say at the expense of other peoples feelings. I do not think we should be using these tools to spew hate and bigoted views. Its a tricky line in some cases but I think an important question to ask ourselves here is what is our motivation.

      Are we motivated by curiosity and kindness or are we motivated by fear and doubt? I like to think that I am coming from a place of curiosity and kindness to learn from myself and others. If I have learned anything over the years it is that I know very little about the human condition. The more I reflect on when I did think I had the answers to life the more I realize I was coming from a place of fear, doubt, and ignorance. I created answers based on limited knowledge and then thought they were truth.

      While we have to make decisions based on the information we have at the time I think it is critical that we return to those answers and question them. This is a huge topic in itself and I am excited to explore it more.

      RE Sidenote: Agreed on twentytwentyone. At first I was a little put off by its simplicity and mainly changed to it to test out DevKinsta but as I am using it and seeing it more I like it a lot. I need to play around with the new block formatting technology that it has built in. Oh and Dark mode FTW. Although it is a little annoying how the Admin area does not have dark mode, nor do the comment writing area. Good next steps though.

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