Forty : 40/100

This featured photo is of Hesperus Mountain located east of us in the La Plata Mountains of the San Juan Mountains, in southwest Colorado. The summit is at 13,237 ft which is pretty damn high. I have not hiked Hesperus but I have been on the trails to the north and south.

Workout Detail

It was super cold this morning so I didn’t get nuthin done before work. Then we had dinner with friends, outdoors, and suddenly it was nighttime. Kate walked a few laps with me and then I walked a bunch more to get my rings closed.

I haven’t been riding my bike as much lately. This is due to the high winds and also I have been enjoying working on the trails. Kate and I walk them every evening and talk about the day and plans for the land. I try to get a lap or two in on the smaller loops at least once before work starts. The walking meditation aspect is very comforting.


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