Easy Win

Stop trying to boil the ocean. Trying to take all of life’s problems and worries and solve them in one fatal swoop is a losing game. Instead take it a cup at a time. For example making a cup of coffee in the morning is productive and rewarding without having to involve the UN. (Technically I make 2 cups cause I am married and this post is about easy wins.)

My process for making morning coffee has evolved over the years. Before I met Kate I would buy most of my cups of coffee at a coffee shop. When I met Kate we had a coffee machine but quickly changed to a french press. There were 2 purposes for this:

  1. It makes better tasting coffee
  2. Its great for camping

We did the french press until I read about the AeroPress™️. It is easier to use than a french press and it makes a much better cup of coffee. We have used one since 2015. We tried a Chemex when we first moved into the house but went back to the AeroPress™️within a few days. It’s fast, has science, and makes a good cup of joe. Oh its also the easiest to clean.

My morning process is to grind 2 scoops of beans and heat the water up to 180℉. I pour water till the 3 serving line on the AeroPress™️ and stir up the grounds. I let that sit for about 30 to 60 seconds and then press for about 30 seconds.

The pressing not only moves the water into the cup it also presses air through the grounds. Similar to how an espresso machine works, but instead of steam it is just warm air. The effect is the same: get the oils from the coffee grounds out and into the coffee cup. Like an espresso shot you are left with a condensed cup of coffee.

At this point you have 2 options:

  1. Drink the shot
  2. Make an Americano by adding water

For the most part we add water and have large cups of coffee to enjoy while we eat breakfast. If we are in a hurry for some reason we just drink the shots and go. In just a few minutes we have delicious coffee and are ready to start thinking about making a second one. Easy win.


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