Designing a home : 43/100

Kate and I have decided to build a home on the land in Colorado. We already have a guest cabin built but its not quite a home. The main issue is the kitchen area doesn’t really exist. There is only one sink, in the restroom, and it was never intended to be lived in full time.

Now that we have been on the land for a few years we have a better idea of what we want. Until we started trying to put things down on paper. Who knew that architecture was so hard?

When we first bought the land I used SketchUp to design the driveway, water, septic, and propane. Now we are talking about a house and I am using SketchUp again. Its very intuitive, once you get past the steep learning curve. The free version is only available online but that is enough for our needs. Once we have a general idea we will have legit plans drawn up by a pro.

The process is exciting and draining. How large should a bathroom be? Do we want a second floor? What about a basement? The options are endless. This is gonna be fun.

Workout Details

Strength training on the recommended routine this morning before work. Got up and going again for 2 days in a row.


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