Rogue Hoe 55HR : 48/100

The day has arrived: my new Rogue Hoe 55HR arrived today, and it is even better than anticipated. First of all it is much lighter than expected, even with a 54″ wood handle. The head is made from recycled agricultural disc blades which sounds super strong, and apparently means super light. My forest firefighting buddy…… Continue reading Rogue Hoe 55HR : 48/100

AC vs DC : 44/100

A few posts back I talked about solar for our cabin. That was the start of a multi part series about how we designed the system and then may have parts of the installation of the system. In the first part I talked about Grid Tie vs Off Grid and some of the ins and…… Continue reading AC vs DC : 44/100

Wordflow : 41/100 is a blog run by Dave Winer. Dave helped invent RSS which does a lot of behind the scenes things to make blogs work. Anyway Dave blogs, a lot, and has lots of things to say about blogging. He had a recent tweet talking about how he uses Twitter for first drafts. Its part…… Continue reading Wordflow : 41/100

Forty : 40/100

This featured photo is of Hesperus Mountain located east of us in the La Plata Mountains of the San Juan Mountains, in southwest Colorado. The summit is at 13,237 ft which is pretty damn high. I have not hiked Hesperus but I have been on the trails to the north and south. Workout Detail It…… Continue reading Forty : 40/100

Winter in June : 39/100

Getting some winter in June here in southwestern Colorado tonight. It was 46 at sunset. Now it is 41 and it will hit a low of 32 tonight. The mountains got a dusting of snow. Workout detail Back on strength training today. I did the recommended routine and felt ok on pull ups. I changed…… Continue reading Winter in June : 39/100

Windy day : 37/100

Woke up at 2am to the trailer shaking and the wind howling. The forecast for the day was that it would be windy but I didn’t expect it to show up at 2am. Not only did it keep me awake but Dazey does not do well with storms either. She was in the bed with…… Continue reading Windy day : 37/100

Best laid plans : 36/100

Yesterday I posted about taking a photo of the full moon rising. It was gonna be epic as it was happening within ten minutes of sunset. Unfortunately we had an overcast night tonight: oh well Sometimes you shoot for the moon and you get ‘nuthin! Workout details Got in a strength workout after work. It…… Continue reading Best laid plans : 36/100