There are so many pop ups on web sites anymore that one is reminded on the mid 2000’s when pop up windows were the rage. If you use the Safari browser you may want to give hush a look.

It targets those insipid, never-ending, utterly pointless “cookie notices”, popovers begging you to join email newsletters, and other bits of tracking. It kills dickbars and dickbar-like annoyances. I’ve been running it for days and it’s the sort of thing you don’t notice at all until you disable it and all of a sudden you’re back to approving cookie access every single goddamn time you load an article at The Guardian and squinting to find the hidden “X” that closes a popover asking if you’ll sign up for something you don’t want and never asked for.


I’ve only tried it on iOS but will test on MacOS later. If you get the chance to test it there let me know if it works. Lord knows I don’t need to see anymore of those damn dickbars.


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