Back Home

We flew into Salt Lake City last night from Mexico and opted to get a hotel room rather than start the 6 hour drive home to Mancos. We got up around 6am this morning, found coffee and started the drive. There was some snow in the forecast and the roads were icy in places. We managed to get home and return the one way rental car without issue.

My brain is still reviewing everything we experienced over the last two week. For a jungle river trip I think we did very well. I managed not to lose my shit at any point even with heat rashes covering a lot of my body at times. Neither of us managed to get sick nor injured.

We met a lot of great people both in our group and the various local areas that we visited. We saw a lot of Maya ruins and learned a lot of about their culture and use of the Usumacinta during the Maya Classical Period. I took a lot of video and need to spend some time reviewing it and creating some type of overview of the trip.

For now I am going to rest.


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