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  • Chillin at the Maya ruins in Piedras Negras

    Chillin at the Maya ruins in Piedras Negras

    During our rafting trip on the Usumacinta we spent 2 nights at a Maya ruin known as Piedras Negras. These ruins are only accessible by boat and our guide estimates that at most 200 people a year visit them. We spent an entire day camping at the site and were given an extensive tour by […]

  • Editing Video and staying sane

    Editing Video and staying sane

    One of the main services I offered customers when I had a company was short form Youtube videos. This was in 2010 and Youtube had been around a few years but was still just catching on. I couldn’t get my clients to write blog posts but I could get them to sit still for a […]

  • Back Home

    We flew into Salt Lake City last night from Mexico and opted to get a hotel room rather than start the 6 hour drive home to Mancos. We got up around 6am this morning, found coffee and started the drive. There was some snow in the forecast and the roads were icy in places. We […]

  • Travel day

    We are done with the Mexico trip and flying back to the USA Today. Traveling during COVID had been interesting to say the least. On the way to Mexico my ears felt like they were falling off due to the mask we need to wear in the airports. On the plus side the flight attendants […]

  • Tips for Rowing the Big Rapids in the Grand Canyon (Colorado River Whitewater Rafting)

    Some of my friends have rafted the entire Grand Canyon and from listening to their stories it sounds like they are falling off of cliffs. While I am sure it is terrifying and formidable this video helped me get a better idea of what happens on the river in the Grand. Someday I will need […]

  • Don’t forget to take your Malaria pill

    Don’t forget to take your Malaria pill

    Since we are traveling to Mexico for an extended period of time it is recommended that we take Malaria pills as well as get a number of vaccines. Its been a busy couple of months getting shots for Hep A and B, Typhoid, COVID Boosters, and the flu. At one visit to the pharmacy I […]

  • Usumacinta prep week

    Usumacinta prep week

    We leave for Rio Usumacinta in four days! Its going to take us 2 days to get to Palenque, Mexico. One day to drive to Denver as flights out of Durango to Denver are not reliable at all. The second day is flights from Denver to Mexico City to Villahermosa. Then we drive to Palenque […]