45 trips around the sun

394200 hours of, mostly, non-stop breathing.

~130086 hours sleeping.

~52000 hours at some type of job.

113869 hours since I fell head over heals in love.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a good time. Ups and downs and ups, ad infinitum. Optimist, pessimist, cynic, pessimist, optimist, … There is a cycle to most of it at this point, but the cycle is not uniform, or predictable until later. You think you can predict thing, but mostly you are lucky and try to be ready when opportunity strikes.

It’s better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t.

Paul Arden, Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite

Age is just a number, get over it. Take care of your mind and body. Keep learning, about everything. Take nothing for granted. Find and give joy. Laugh, a lot. Smile for yourself. Ride a bike, skip, and/or dance daily.


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